PNPYO providing legal assistance to victims of domestic abuse

PNPYO President Krystal Tomlinson.

The Opposition People’s National Party Youth Organisation (PNPYO) has announced that it is coordinating a project to provide legal services to assist victims of abuse.

This free legal support will allow victims to safely separate themselves and their children from their abusers.

“The recent incidents of murder of women have brought back into public consciousness the lack of security that women have in their relationships and in their own homes,” PNPYO president Krystal Tomlinson said.

‘Our youth, our women, remain at risk in Jamaica and need immediate support.’

—PNPYO Krystal Tomlinson

She added: “It has not escaped us that the reports since the start of 2020 have young women, under the age of 35, as the victims of vicious and seemingly premeditated murder. Our youth, our women, remain at risk in Jamaica and need immediate support.”

Tomlinson said that through partnership with the law offices of attorney Kymberli Whittaker, who is also a former Legal Advisor to the PNPYO, women will be able to set an appointment for consultations to guide them through the process of leaving abusive homes. She explained that the intervention will include guidance on filing for a divorce, securing restraining and protection orders and seeking custody of their children.