Rat and homophobia? KFC under fire for disturbing video and picture

KFC is now under fire for a disturbing video.

The year may be ending in a few hours, but cancel culture isn’t. Several users on social media are blasting KFC for customer discrimination after a photo of the order board revealed homophobic slurs used to describe a customer.

The photo has been making the rounds on Twitter and details the order taken by a cashier …except the employee added a bit more information than the meal choice.

“Plz give this ba**yman a big breast,” the description read. The customer apparently had ordered a chicken box meal, which comes with one piece of chicken.

This photo showing the insult from a KFC worker has been making the rounds on Twitter.

Rat caught on video

Restaurants of Jamaica (ROJ), the operators of KFC, has not been having the greatest week, as another incident on Sunday has left many KFC devotees disgruntled. The hygienic practices of KFC Jamaica are now under scrutiny after a rat was caught on video running across the menu board at one of its locations. Now, this is not what you’d want to see at any KFC restaurant, particularly months after a satirical was released questioning, “a weh di boy put inna di chicken?”

Unhygienic practices comprise any environment food is being prepared in, as well as the health of those who come in contact with that environment. Additionally, no one wants to feel discriminated against regardless of their ethnicity, sexuality or social standing, as hey, you are paying your money for a service. This is the essence of sentiments being echoed online.

Major backlash

“Oh sh*t mi see it… so KFC is not clean plus dem a class ppl as ba**yman… wah kinda customer service is dat?” Twitter user Dr Blake asked.

Glow95FM added: “AH LIE YAW TELL!!!! I CANT BELIEVE MY BA**YMAN EYES!!!! Gurl if me eva look up and see dat pon my order she gwine need dat broom more than ever, caaz me and di rat woulda gang har in deh tideh!”

The official Instagram account for KFC Jamaica has not been exempted from the backlash either.

“Unno a keep up foolishness, di whole of Jamaica support unno and yet still unno place have rat. Ppl will wait hours in line just fi unno food and yaa tell mi unno have rat a year sing di place?” commented Nas TopNotch 21.

ROJ issued a statement yesterday voicing regret over the ‘rat-cidence’, adding that inspections are currently under way to prevent a recurrence.

Well BUZZ fam, will you be having that KFC bucket tonight with your peeps? What are your thoughts?