…when you encounter a ‘pssssssst baby’ kind of dude

If you are a female in Jamaica, there comes a time when you will encounter a dreaded phenomenon that can sour your day and make your skin crawl. I am speaking of the man on the corner who has more lyrics than an album cover and more argument than a good defence attorney.

Can’t take a hint

These creatures are generally Neanderthals who are clueless and cannot take a hint that not only are you not interested but when they go down certain paths of vulgar conversations then they are sexually harassing you. In their minds, telling you that your butt is fat is a huge compliment and nothing to get so worked up or offended about. They generally do not know boundaries and may even think it fitting to try and reach out to touch you, but scoot away and declare “touch not the Lord’s anointed” and keeping it moving. Hopefully, they will have gotten the picture

If they have not and persist in their pursuit to ‘woo’ you, the following measures will come in handy, as being objectified and treated like community property should not be tolerated. Too often we excuse bad behaviour by saying: ‘Lord, a just so dem stay’ or ‘dem nuh know nuh better’. While socialisation has a lot to do with how men see and respond to women, if they have half an ounce of common sense and a teaspoon of respect, they would act differently. Anyone can unlearn bad behaviour. Employ the following strategies:  

What to do

1.  Just ignore them. Hold your head straight and pretend as if they are Casper but not the friendly ghost type. You just do not see them.

2. Avoid eye contact. This is a form of encouragement for some, as you will probably hear that you gave them ‘bedroom eyes’.

3. Do not answer if and when they start the name-calling. Do not let them bait you into that trap. Any form of verbal engagement, they take as a sign to continue the dialogue.

4. If he makes an off-coloured joke, do not laugh. He may take it as an opening to get even bolder with more bawdy material. Remain stoic and keep walking.

5. If he engages in sexual chatter, keep it moving or he may start sharing what he wants to do to please you, and since he is not a genie in a lamp, that is not happening!

6. Find an alternate route to get to your destination. If there is another road to take, even if it is a bit longer, choose the path less travelled as you never know when he may want to ‘pass him place’ and actually try to grab at you. 

7. Call a male friend and have him walk with you. If the friend is brawny and big in stature, you will not hear a peep out of homeboy. You may feel the eyes staring at you, but he knows better than to open his mouth as he fears having his intestines reorganised.    

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