Wait a minute! Burger King offers Prince Harry a job

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, has been offered a job by Burger King.

Burger King has offered Prince Harry a job.

The fast-food chain has put forward a sales assistant position for the 35-year-old royal after he and his wife Duchess Meghan announced that they were stepping down as “senior royals” last week and plan to become “financially independent”.

“You know that the crown will suit you perfectly.”

— Burger King Argentina

Burger King Argentina was the first to reach out to the Duke of Sussex as one branch said on Twitter: “We found out that the prince and the duchess decided to give up their roles in the royal family and will work to become financially independent.

“So, we have a proposition for you: Do as thousands of people and take your first steps in the world of work with us.

“You know that the crown will suit you perfectly. Also, after so many years of living as dukes, it is time for you to start eating like kings.”

Burger King US later followed up with: “This royal family offers part-time positions.”

Last week, the couple – who have eight-month-old son Archie together – caused a stir within the royal family when they announced plans to “carve out” new roles.