Kim Kardashian and her ‘blackest’ appearance yet DOES bother me

What in the Diana Ross is going on, Kim? Backlash was swift and FIERCE for this 7Hollywood spread. (Photo: Twitter @KimKardashian)

Now Kim, or Mrs. West, whichever way you like being addressed, please… It’s time for you to stop.

Reality television star and make-up mogul is facing her greatest backlash yet on social media as the American fashionista released the finished product of a photoshoot with 7Hollywood magazine on Thursday.

The problem isn’t with the outfits (which are stunning, honestly) but rather with her eerily, darker-than-usual skin tone, which has many calling the star out for cultural appropriation.

Kim’s criticism was nearly immediate after the mother-of-four posted the Winter 2020 cover of the fashion mag to Instagram and Twitter.

Hundreds of followers, seemingly offended by her combination of tan and/or makeup, said she looked far too dark — bordering on blackface — an accusation the reality star has faced time and time again.

Giving Beyoncé a run for her money, if I was just judging the dress, you get all the praise. But that isn’t why we’re all here, is it? (Photo: Twitter @KimKardashian)

“It’s the lighting that makes her look darker in this specific image,” a source close to Kardashian, who was on set for the shoot, told US entertainment publication Page Six.

The question many are asking is why each time you make an appearance, does your skin (flawless btw) get a shade darker?

Honey, doesn’t it hurt to lay in those tanning machines so long?

Aren’t you worried about skin cancer? Because, while I hate to break it to you, the black people you try to replicate are prone to the disease as well…

Please, don’t tell us you’re Armenian, because that’s just another brand of ‘caucasity’. It doesn’t mean anything genetically or ethnically.

Exhibit 1: A young Kim Kardashian. Do y’all see the ‘Armenian’ tone? No? It’s there, alright! (Photo: Instagram @KimKardashian)

Why is it you feel being black is a trend you can hop on and off as you deem fit?

Help me out, I’m really trying to understand. Do you feel left out being the only “white” person in the family?

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The West Family Christmas Card 2019

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If it was only about the dress and your channelling of the iconic Elizabeth Taylor, then maybe people wouldn’t be so hard-pressed.

This is definitely a step too far, I must say.

That dazzling strapless sequin, and those plunging numbers were many yesses but you won’t get a pass to ‘be black’ when it suits you.

Although this is just my opinion, judging from the backlash tsunami, I’m not the only one who’s offended; and we should be.

Blackness is NOT a fashion statement; skin tones are NOT accessories and this isn’t about lighting or your choice of make-up.

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Holiday Season ?✨

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You don’t get to profit from the rhythm of black women and blackness without going through ANY of the blues. Okay, byeeeeeeee!