Enough! Catcalling is not sexy, fellas.

Ugh, we need to do better! (Photo: Christopher Lewinson)

“Psst…hey baby, yuh nuh know good man when yuh see dem?”

*grabs hand* Gimmi a minute a yuh time nuh babes? Yuh just sweet suh, cyah get yuh numba?

You hate to see it, some poor woman or girl, going about her daily business, just to get harassed on her way to work/school/anywhere else.

The widespread practice of catcalling is disgusting.

Street harassment, more commonly known as catcalling, usually entails a loud whistle or sexually charged comments made by a man or group of men to a passing woman.

In some cases, catcalling involves honking car horns, flashing vulgar gestures, indecent self-exposure, and inappropriate grabbing.

Can you leave her alone, you creep?!

It’s certainly not a compliment nor is it charming, since a lot of the time, catcalling makes women uncomfortable as they try their best to be meek and nonchalant to the fact you visually undress them in a public setting.

“Jah kno baby, gimmi a piece nuh? A box man fi box yuh, yuh deevn cute!” *hisses teeth*

Have some tact, bredda. Just revolting behaviour.

It doesn’t help when a lot of the time, it’s THE UGLIEST men who are brazen with their attempts to swoon women – and they’re the first to get upset and degrade the SAME WOMAN they were trying to get with seconds earlier…

Like, are you stupid, you twit?

Funny enough, when the tables turn, it’s those same men (usually unattractive and disrespectful) who beat their chests, voicing a physical and emotional disdain when they were hit on by a gay man.

“Nuh bring dat to mi, brejin. Mi nuh wah nuh man a look mi,” you’d say. So then, why do you subject women to the same discomforts?

It’s such an embarrassing scene sometimes, being in listening range to these men when they detail all the things they’d like to do, if they got the chance.

I cannot remember how many times I’ve apologised right after watching (and sometimes intervening on behalf of) women, a lot of the times strangers, mentally re-compose themselves after such a verbal assault.


Women are not tools for your instant visual and sexual gratification. Period. No one should have to go through that, worse, on a daily basis. It’s sickening…

Before you get your boxers in a twist, no one is asking you to stop being into women, knucklehead.

And another thing, as men we need to step up for our women when they are being harassed and CALL THESE CREEPS OUT!

Stop enabling your friends, yes you reading!

I’m sure you’ve witnessed how cruel men can be upon rejection: the things they threaten women with is so disturbing. The worst part is how persistent we as men can get, to the point where some of us invade women’s personal space to get our case across.

For many women, the approach is off from the jump, and your ominous, towering presence does little to give them a sense of safety or comfort.

Please, just stop it. Contrary to what you think and feel, catcalling is NOT sexy. It’s humiliating, and I’m just an observer.

Imagine what it’s like for women?

That’s it, put yourself in their shoes. Remember you have mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends who are women. They probably have gone through it, where’s your humanity?

Catcalling feeds into our chronic rape culture, and our women are hurting.

Please, when you see a woman who commands your attention – think with the head above your neck, not below your waist.