Be eccentric with pieces from Beaucentric

“The bible says that our gifts and our calling maketh room for us,” that’s Natalee Samuel’s mantra as she works to create pieces for her jewellery line- Beaucentric. She is aware that her pieces are unusual, but believes in the beauty of their uniqueness. 

Beaucentric is where beauty is eclectic

“Beaucentric is where beauty is eclectic. My pieces are eclectic because each piece is diverse in style with no repeated designs. It is unique because of our eclectic ideas specially handcrafted with keen attention, designed and created in love but displayed in beauty,” she told BUZZ

Natalee Samuels wearing pieces from her line-Beaucentric

Interestingly, Samuels started creating these pieces as therapy six years ago when she was going through a “dark” period in her life. “Being a naturally creative person I’ve always been passionate about sharing and inspiring individuals. I saw an opportunity for my unique brand and was encouraged by my mother and friends, and as they say the rest is history,” she said. 

‘Each of us have a special gift or talent that when such is nurtured it creates opportunities, limitation is a concept’.

— Samuels

Now her designs distinguishes her, and anyone who wear them too. “My pieces are unique and royal. People who wear them make a statement without speaking,” she said.

Beaucentric pieces are unique and royal

She describes her pieces as very long lasting. They are made from copper wire, aluminium wire, stainless steel, semi precious stones and assorted beads and gems, and cost between $1,000 and $20,000. 

Her business is based in Kingston, but she offers local deliveries and says international deliveries are coming soon.

Each of us have a special gift

The business woman and part time make up artiste, believes that her jewellery line is her way of creating her own destiny. “Each of us have a special gift or talent that when such is nurtured it creates opportunities. Limitation is a concept that is created in the mind and the moment we understand and erase that box of limitations we place ourselves in an open space to achieve greatness,” she said.

There are no repeated designs in the Beaucentric line