Insta 360 One R: The Modular Action Camera

Insta 360 is back with a new action camera to challenge big names like GoPro. The company is changing the game with its unique, modular Insta 360 One R.

GoPro has yet another competitor challenging its dominance. Insta 360 innovated and came up with a first for an action camera. The Insta 360 One R is a modular system. That means you can swap out the parts depending on what you’d like to shoot.

Twin Edition modular bundle. (Photo: Insta 360)

The Insta 360 One R is an exciting action camera design. Instead of a single-purpose 360-degree camera, Insta 360 created swappable camera modules so you can choose how to shoot.

The Insta 360 One R “Twin Edition” offers the best value for those who want a versatile camera system. The One R’s Twin Edition comes with a Dual Lens 360 module and a 4K Wide Angle camera. The Dual Lens 360 module takes care of the 360-degree photos and action video needs.

You can swap out the 4K camera for the 360-degree shooter. (Photo: Insta 360)

Insta 360’s software then stitches the video from both cameras into one 360 video files. The 4K Wide Angle does flat 4K video and photo capture. The included battery base powers the camera along with the Core unit. The Core unit has a touch screen for navigation.

For even sharper footage and better light sensitivity, Insta 360 created the 1-inch Edition camera, co-engineered with legendary photography company Leica. The 1-inch sensor improves low-light photo and video capture as it lets in more light. The 1-inch sensor also allows the user to flip the Core module around so you can see yourself while filming, perfect for vlog style videos.

The Insta 360 with 4K Wide Angle Camera Module. (Photo: Insta 360)

The three-camera options give users variety and value for money. You can swap between each camera module for the desired effect.

With each piece of technology, there are specifications and features to consider. So here goes the laundry list of features packed into each module.

Shoot content underwater with the 1-inch sensor. (Photo: Insta 360)

The 4K Wide Angle camera shoots 12MP photos and 4K videos at 60 fps. The Dual 360 camera shoots approximately 18MP photos and a whopping 5.7K videos at 30 fps. The One R’s 1-inch sensor module allows users to take 19MP photos and 5.3K videos at 60fps.

1-inch sensor kit module. (Photo: Insta 360)

A 6-axis Gyroscope system stabilises all the footage (from all three camera modules) by compensating for shaky hands, so your videos look smooth. Also, you can shoot crisp 5.7K videos with H.265 video compression. That means your video will look sharp with smaller file sizes. Other notable features include:

  • Voice Control – Use words instead of buttons.
  • Hyperlapse – Speed up time in a creative way.
  • Slow Motion Video
  • Waterproof up to 5 metres (all modules)
  • HDR Photos and Videos – Capture High Dynamic Range content, so the scene looks even.
  • Point to Track – Find a subject, and the Insta 360 follows and keeps the person or thing in the frame.
  • Apple Watch Control – For continued use when the camera is mounted

Though modularity is a welcome function of the Insta 360 One R, it may come off as too complicated or frustrating for some. New users must choose between different builds to purchase. Each modular build is a different price depending on your use case. The Twin Edition costs US$479, which is good value considering the Dual 360 camera kit is US$429 on its own. The 1-inch Edition is US$550. Each modular system comes with a Core, battery base and mounting bracket.

1-inch sensor with the reversible touch screen. (Photo: Insta 360)

Despite the confusion users “may” face when choosing a system, the modular design offers excellent value for money and versatility. No longer are users stuck with a single camera. The Insta 360 One R brings innovation through modularity. Your move GoPro.